Архів теґу: language policy in Ukraine

Ukrainian consumers have the right be served in Ukrainian — activist


Article by: Halyna Tereshchuk

For the past several years, Lviv native Sviatoslav Litynskyi, a programming instructor, has been defending the right of Ukrainian consumers to Ukrainian-language services and product labeling.

His successes include a Ukrainian passport without a Russian translation, Ukrainian-language bank receipts, the labeling of household appliances and electronic equipment in Ukrainian, and an apology from Minister Arsen Avakov for using Russian in speeches at the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The civic activist uses courts to defend the rights of Ukrainian language consumers. And he wins most of his cases. Читати далі

Yuri Shevchuk, Language and Media Scholar on Language policy in Ukraine


What is the difference in terms of language situation between Ukraine, France, Belgium, Switzerland and Canada? Why should Ukrainian government take measures to implement nation-building language policy principles and cease the ongoing russification processes? What is the real idea behind the “protection of Russian-seaking Ukrainians”? Why in a country where 68% of inhabitants declare Ukrainian to be their mother language, Ukrainian is currrently almost absent in the strategic communication spheres like government, press and finances?

Watch the video to get the answers from Yuri Shevchuk, a Language and Media Scholar and lecturer at Columbia University. He is talking about language policy in Ukraine, asymmetric bilinguism, post-colonial identity and russification.